How We Communicate

How any organization communicates is almost more important than what they communicate.  We are a family owned and operated company and counter to the culture we are not interested in growing bigger, only growing better.  Our Clients are dynamic and passionate and require a high level of results and activity.  In order to maintain the highest level of focus on “work” and not on communicating about doing work we have a very focused way of communicating.

1. Brinn Marketing Client Central

We have worked hard to create a resource for our Clients that give them great transparent access to our workflow.  We also wanted an easy way to communicate and share data (media of all types).  

To accmplish this we created Client Central

2. Email

We are an email intensive group because it allows us keep track of items and allows for contact not matter where our team might be at the time.

We use and highly support and Proton Mail.  Click here to learn more about Proton Mail

3. Telegram

With our unique background and having some of the most unique Clients in the world we hold first and foremost security.

With a true commitment to security we only communicate with text via Telegram. All of our Clients that wish to communicate with us through text will need to download and use the free Telegram app.

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