If you are a marketing professional than you should have already heard the name Neil Patel. And that is where we will bottom line this entire post for you: Ubersuggest is best suited for people looking to become marketing professionals. This is not to say that a newbie or casual user can’t gleam insights from the tools under the Ubersuggest banner, its easy enough, however, it is designed for those looking to grow both their knowledge and their marketing prowess.

Neil Patel bought ubersuggest.io back in 2017 when it was a top free keyword research tool. Thankfully, he has kept it mostly free and open to the public. Also, he is tirelessly growing it we feel and that is to be respected.

Like any marketing tool, the numbers are the numbers and they most likely won’t match anyone else’s numbers. This is always strange to me having come from military intelligence but I also understand it here in the civilian money-makes-the-world-go-round world. With that being said, the numbers have never been as important to me as a professional marketer as to how I can and do improve those numbers.

Keyword Research

The tools used for this are quite good and comprehensive. There are some great features combined here that other tools leave out. You will get a good idea of what is ranking, where, and even ideas that are similar to help work out your strategies.

Traffic Analyzer

Again, this tool combined with a good keyword research tool is not the norm and here you find them together in a seamless setup. Here you can even get decent competitive analysis as well with top pages and keywords too.

SEO Analyzer

This is a great tool and an incredible add to this overall marketing toolbox. Under this section, there is a Site Audit tool and a Backlink tool, a one-two punch of marketing goodness.

Finally this tool also includes a chrome extension if you are in to that kind of thing. Overall this is a great service and one we actually use and rely on.

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